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I truly hope you will enjoy my collection of ideas, thoughts, inspirations and funny stuff that I have found along the “Way of Art". This is my adventure, my "slices of life" and pieces of dreams that have come by during my Travels, Colors,
Foods and Sparks of Creativity.

Loving Nibbles

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day One

Fist Day of Blogging.
So today I decided I should start a blog...this happened in part due to a friend that suggested in.
He claims I got something to say and it will be good therapy...like I need therapy!
So I'll give it a try and hey maybe it will work, so here I am writing.

What do I write about?
Well what I love, art, makeup, body art, henna, dogs, cats, vampires, my many jobs and adventures, and perhaps the greater wisdom that comes form all of that.

Who am I? I am me, some know me as Naiyana the Makeup Artist, some just know me.