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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fab Photographers I have worked with...


Working with Normad…a.k.a. Beltran

Normad or Mr. B, as I like to call him is a very unique photographer, Easygoing, and Fun to be around.
When I asked him where you are originally from?

“Me: I'm from everywhere ... isn't that the curse/blessing from modern times?I was born in Venezuela, but I also spent 4.5 years in Spain as a kid and I've been here for like 7 years now ... so that's why my accent is so messed up :P”

He is also one of the smartest people I know….just be very, very careful to ask about what he studies…this is the condensed version…he did try to explain it to me once… (Keep in mind English is his second or third language), thankfully his lovely Wife Jennifer came to the rescue and got me out of the quicksand!!!

So here is what he said to me… (Condensed version…)

“I study a weird thing that is called computational science ...it's a mixture of math, computers and some other field, which in mycase happened to be biology. It’s interesting, but at a times it'sa pain too, which is why I started doing photography :D”

Style of Photography...
Unique, Crazy, Modest and completely off the wall, he is no typical photographer
He enjoys life as a series and storyboards- his images have a defined meaning, form the title to the colors he is expressing an idea, a feeling, a concept.
He spends lots of time creating, researching, and evisioning a project.
He is very Expressive with his hands- he would walk around rolling his index fingers in the air, like as if he is a musical conductor and the is a full orchestra in form of him!
He has an extensive knowledge of Asian Styles and Mythology…I am not the only one that lives life as a cartoon…I think he does too.

What he has to say about me….
“Hey readers don't miss your chance and make sure you work with Naiyana. Not only she's creative, fun and competent, but she's punctual and reliable. She'll work with you whether is an "on the fly" project or a "planned and discussed with storyboards" one. In either case you'll be happy with the results :)”

Where to contact him??? Try mm…I think he lives there