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Friday, August 22, 2008

Fab Photographers I have worked with...

Tiger Lee

Some month ago I had the pleasure to work with Tiger Lee.
I can still remember the excitement I felt when Tiger agreed to work with me...

At the time Tiger was working on a 2009 Calendar...


I took 2 weeks, 3 phone-calls, something close to 12 messages on model-mayhem to coordinate the phooto-shoot, that led to one of the best images I have in my portfolio!!!

And my first Published Work!

So this is how it went...

I googled the address and still got lost...when I finally arrived at the home/studio I dragged myself and my kit out of the car and rang the bell. I arrived prior to the Model and her Escort/Friend (Tiger has not problems with escorts/friends/audience etc...) Upon arrival I was greeted by Tiger and he led me to a small bathroom/changing room attached to the garage, and I started setting up.
Tiger has set up a whole Universe inside a garage!!!

Rows of clothing, weapons, Rum bottles and other pirate related props, even a souvenir form "The Black Pearl" from the movie!!!

All the magic happens in front of a white back drop with strategically placed lights a small black fan, and Pirate Rap from Captain Dan.....

The model arrived and we started to create the magic!!! Once Makeup and Wardrobe was done, the model stepped onto the white back drop and the music started! 2 hours later and 3 check late we had the images ready for review.
The greatest part was the finished image was ready for viewing approximately 72 hours later!

So about Tiger Lee:

Tiger is a very unique individual and an extremely savy entrepreneur.
He is a Master of Pirate Pinup Photography and fantasy images. Tiger combines digital photography with PhotoShop manipulation, to create unique and fantastic Masterpieces.
Tiger Lee is also a Winner of two Guru Awards from the PhotoShop World Conference Writes the regular column "A Siren's Call" for Pirates Magazine Taught Advance Image Manipulation at the Art Institute of California - San Diego Creator of the Hot Pirate Babe Calendar

Where can you find him:
http://www.pirate-portraits.com/ http://www.tigerleephotos.com/


You can purchase a copy on...


Were can you find Tiger Lee now....

On his front yeard Teaching Sword Fights with a Cutlass, at diffrent Reinassance Fairs all over the Country or perhaps on his way to the Virgin Islands...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Little Girls and pink makeup!!!

So here we go, today we look at little girls and pink makeup.

This past weekend I met with Stephanie (fab. photographer) and Nancy (super sweet model) we decided to do a candy doll like shoot.

So here is how I prepared…
I went to work in the morning 11am (I teach basic makeup for actors in training), at 2 pm class is over…I get a text form Stephanie reminding me of the 3 pm shoot with Nancy.

So I run home grab my makeup kit (Heat is bad for makeup, it makes things melt, causing chemical reactions that not only smell bad but are not good for the skin) and make my way to the US Midway Parking lot.

My Kit…
Since the theme was pink I stoked up on all the pink I could find…
Lipstick, shadow, lip liner, blush, some glitter (that should not be used in pictures since if it does how it looks bad…but it looked great in my kit), and some gold shimmery powder, I am not a believer in a “one brand can do all” so I carry different brands all the times, this gives me flexibility.
Once on location we set up in a nice shaded, grass area by the parking lot…
Set up the stool and worked out of my bag (note to self to purchase small foldable table).
Again I took 50% of my time setting up the base foundation and powder; to me this is the most important part of the makeup application. A good base sets the perfect stage for a good makeup job.

Then the cutes things that happens was a group of 4 little girls (ages 4 to 8) came by and just watched, giggled smiled and told Nancy how pretty she was, and how much pink there was all around them (working out of a carryon suitcase means I will spread out on the grass...I like to look at my stuff…)
They stood there for something like 5 minutes looking, their parents a few feet away waiting patiently. It was adorable!!!
It was i
n my mind the most flattering compliment.

So thank the universe for little girls and pink makeup!