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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Purple Elf

Happy Halloween!!!

Purple Elf

Photography by:
Tiffany Smith
Event Hosted by:
Makeup: Yours Truly

What did I use: 2 coats of Snazaroo Electric Purple (881)
and the Black Detail is done with
Ben Nye Black Paint

How: Paint model Purple, 2 coats look better so the skin does not show trow the paint, add details black detail (inspiration form the Indian Henna Designs), spray the model with hair spray to avoid the paint form cracking and excessive dryness, cut up an old dress so to give it an extra edge, spike hair with get, give model and axe, and walla! Got you yourself a Purple Elf.

Mentor in Makeup!

As some of you know, one of my main form of Art is Makeup.
I love to create new fantastic designs that compliment an individual face or body, I love browsing and searching for the latest new tool, eye shadow, or lipstick.
I spend a great deal of my time researching and shopping for products that that can make my visions a reality.

I promise to post more of my work and perhaps give tips on how I achieved a particular look or where I got the inspiration from.

Now I am happy to announce that I was given the designation on Makeup Mentor by the Model Mayhem community to which I am part of.
So here is my pride and Joy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oscillation Vibrating. Infinite. Powermascara.

It’s finally out (on my birthday) the first vibration Powermascara by Lancome this Mascara had a waitlist of 21,000 people!!

This Powermascara by Lancome can 7000 oscillations per minute!!
Good things:

No more zigzagging the brush, this mascara is applied in gentle strokes straight stokes.
Two coats makes lashes look like they got extensions.
A few more strokes and you are ready to perform on Broadway.
No over-pumping the wand, the brush has more than enough for multiple coats.
Long lasting and lashes appear extended, separated and visibly multiplied.

Not sooo Good things:

The Powermascara has a light buzzing sound a light tingly feeling once the brush touched the lashes, not uncomfortable, but something to be aware of. The idea of anything vibrating near the eye can be a bit unnerving to say the least, but the amazing length and luscious lashes make the mascara well worth it.

Practice makes perfect!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Wisdom....

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science."

Albert Einstein

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fab Photographers I have worked with...

Craig Alexander

After so many years in the industry I can honestly say I have met some really cool people, and some not that cool…
Of all the people, one stands out in my mind for more than just a photographer but also a friend, Craig Alexander.

Craig is a Southern California photographer that has been shooting professionally for about 10 years. His passion for photography includes all aspects of it, form the setting up and organizing, to the post-production process, and finally the finished result.
He believes in natural and real beauty, finding the aspects of the subject that has been over-looked or neglected and making it flourish, immortalizing it forever with his camera.

Craig is a fun person, with an easy smile and a helping hand, he can be silly during a photo-shoot or event, but still maintain his professionalism. He is always ready for a good challenge and takes everything with a “can do” attitude.
Craig is a strong believer in “It takes a second to loose a reputation it took a life time to build”

So here I go with my usual questions…
NM: Where are you originally from?
CA: I born and raised in Dayton Ohio. (He is a man of few words...)

NM: You got a blog…..what is it called I want to read it?
CA: No blog short bio on web site and MySpace.

NM: Tell me something special about you...aside form being Crazy and Black...I want to write about you in my blog....add some images...the whole deal...Make it fancy!
CA: I shoot more of a person’s personality. I hold myself back on shots looking for the edges that model don't see in them selves.

NM: How do you fell about Photoshop??
CA: I want a person to see beauty without a ton on editing.

NM: Do you think I am Crazy?
CA: …….. (There is a strange quiet…this is the moment he looks at me like I am Crazy!)

So here are a few of the places you can see Craig's Work.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fantastic New Online Outlet Store!!!


Brandlet is an online retailer that sells only authentic name brand products at outlet prices. We start by buying the same products that are found in high-end department stores. While those stores mark up the price to cover their huge payroll, rent, and other overhead costs, we sell direct from our warehouse, which saves you up to 60%. Our online shopping interface is easy and safe; we ship quickly; and we offer a generous return policy. The Brandlet experience combines the quality and service of a department store with the ease and price of an online outlet.”

I have recently purchased 1Jacket, and 3 shirts, at Brandlet.
The transaction was super smooth, and the best part was I never had to wonder where my package was. Brandlet sent me updated info via email on the Fed Ex package all the way form shipment to delivery!! I placed the ordered on Friday, and got all my stuff on Tuesday!! Fed Ex boxed arrived and Whoa!!! The items were perfect and exactly what I ordered, the package was so pretty I took pictures so I can share…last time my clothes where packaged like this I have purchased them at Nordstrom!!

Great Product!
Great Prices!
Great Delivery and Follow-up!
So I highly recommend it!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Wisdom....

One of the many obsessions I have is for books…not all books, usually the very colorful ones, the ones on makeup, psychology, art (drawing, painting, manga, etc), vampires’ novels and some other fiction, and the small books on spirituality, self help and so on…

My last little book purchase was “Everyday Wisdom for Success”, by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer….
I must say that it’s and inspirational little book….

So I decided to share:

“Even if you don’t know what you should be doing or what your mission is, you need to practice creating that vision anyway.” By Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Juicy Glee Crystal Clear Lip Gloss

Juicy, Juicy sooo Juicy and with a delicious crystal shine!

Juicy Glee Crystal Clear Lip Gloss from Lancome it is an adorably packaged pot gloss that has a spongy, gel-like texture and a somewhat thick, slightly syrupy application that feels surprisingly non-sticky and the jelly texture melts onto your lips for a perfect smooth finish.

The translucent, fruit-themed colors may look too bold and bright in the package, but each goes on very soft. Great for trying colors without looking to “made-up”.

Available in multiple sweet shades served in the adorable jelly jars!!

Approximate Price....$18.00