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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oscillation Vibrating. Infinite. Powermascara.

It’s finally out (on my birthday) the first vibration Powermascara by Lancome this Mascara had a waitlist of 21,000 people!!

This Powermascara by Lancome can 7000 oscillations per minute!!
Good things:

No more zigzagging the brush, this mascara is applied in gentle strokes straight stokes.
Two coats makes lashes look like they got extensions.
A few more strokes and you are ready to perform on Broadway.
No over-pumping the wand, the brush has more than enough for multiple coats.
Long lasting and lashes appear extended, separated and visibly multiplied.

Not sooo Good things:

The Powermascara has a light buzzing sound a light tingly feeling once the brush touched the lashes, not uncomfortable, but something to be aware of. The idea of anything vibrating near the eye can be a bit unnerving to say the least, but the amazing length and luscious lashes make the mascara well worth it.

Practice makes perfect!

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