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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fab Photographers I have worked with...

Craig Alexander

After so many years in the industry I can honestly say I have met some really cool people, and some not that cool…
Of all the people, one stands out in my mind for more than just a photographer but also a friend, Craig Alexander.

Craig is a Southern California photographer that has been shooting professionally for about 10 years. His passion for photography includes all aspects of it, form the setting up and organizing, to the post-production process, and finally the finished result.
He believes in natural and real beauty, finding the aspects of the subject that has been over-looked or neglected and making it flourish, immortalizing it forever with his camera.

Craig is a fun person, with an easy smile and a helping hand, he can be silly during a photo-shoot or event, but still maintain his professionalism. He is always ready for a good challenge and takes everything with a “can do” attitude.
Craig is a strong believer in “It takes a second to loose a reputation it took a life time to build”

So here I go with my usual questions…
NM: Where are you originally from?
CA: I born and raised in Dayton Ohio. (He is a man of few words...)

NM: You got a blog…..what is it called I want to read it?
CA: No blog short bio on web site and MySpace.

NM: Tell me something special about you...aside form being Crazy and Black...I want to write about you in my blog....add some images...the whole deal...Make it fancy!
CA: I shoot more of a person’s personality. I hold myself back on shots looking for the edges that model don't see in them selves.

NM: How do you fell about Photoshop??
CA: I want a person to see beauty without a ton on editing.

NM: Do you think I am Crazy?
CA: …….. (There is a strange quiet…this is the moment he looks at me like I am Crazy!)

So here are a few of the places you can see Craig's Work.

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