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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fab Photographers I have worked with...

Stephanie Pierce

Stephanie Pierce is a Sweetheart!
I absolutely love her!

She is one of my favorite local San Diego photographers (not for long since she is moving), Her style is...beautiful, she has a good eye for colors and composition, and even when she calls herself an amature none would not be able to tell by her images.

Ok, so what do you get when working with Stephanie Pierce...

A female photographer on the petite side, with a great personality, sense of adventure and always ready to feed the models...and makeup artist...and anyone else around her.

She has stated that she does not work hungry!
She Believes in Makeup Artists and always tries to include them in all her photo shoots.

She is also very fast and detailed, she does not abuses Photoshop (her models are still natural and human looking), and she processes and deliver images fast, so there is not 2 months wait to see what your work looks like. She is also one of the few photographers that does not assumes to know what you want for your portfolio, she believes in choices.

I had the pleasure of working with her several time, and every single one was a blast, and the results were a guaranteed success!

She is Unconventional, Creative, Easy Going, and Very Very Modest...

So here goes...
I asked her the same questions I ask every one...

NM: Where are you from?
SP: She says: "Michigan"
NM: "What is special about you?"
NM: "Nothing??? I am doing a bit of a "review" on the fab photographers in SD..and well you are one of them."
SP: Thanks :) I don't find myself that fab- but, hey, i never mind good references ;-) "

NM...in my heard: She is extremely cute in her view of the world...

Then There Was the usual question....Would you recommend me???

SP: "Yes, i have recommended you to some out-of-town photographers that were coming in town and were shooting some models. I'm not sure if they ever called- but aside from that I also haven't worked with a lot of photographers i could send over. - and you know if i feel you're a fit for a model I'm shooting, I call you :) "

Where to find Stephanie...


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