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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ben Nye Lumier Cream Wheel

My Product Choice for this Week is....
Ben Nye Lumiere Cream Wheel!
I just recently bought the Lumiere Creme Wheel after a reccomendation from a fellow artist.
I am usually not big in Creme Makeup since the dry time can be long and creasing can happen if not applied properly.
Ben Nye Lumiere Cream Wheel has six bold, shimmering shades for sizzling beauty or fantasy accents. Add bold sizzle to glamour or fantasy design. Set these luminescent cremes with either Ice or Iced Gold Luxe Powder for a shimmering finish.

Lumier Shades are Aztec Gold, Azalea, Cosmic Blue, Royal Purple, Jade, Ice.
What I like about it...
It can be stacked; so the more layer the darker the color.
It's water proof...great for underwater shoots.
It's sweat proof....so you can go out dancing.
If set with powder it drys quickly and stays on forever...with a more matted look
With a Finish Seal it say on forever plus has a shimmery finish.
It can be used on eyelids, lips, cheeks, or anywhere else on the body.
It has enough pigment that can be also use just as an eyeliner!
So there! My new addition!
Now I just need to go and try it out on the job!

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