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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indian Princess

OK, I was thinking of writing some big elaborate piece since I love these images! But I will refrain and let the images talk for themselves.

What you need to know:

Thao is a gorgeous Vietnamese model that I have been eyeing for some time, so when Nancy called and asked me if I wanted to work with her...I was like "Hell YEAH!!" no actually I said ..."sure when?" still trying to come off professional ... you know... somewhat composed ...
I have several models on my "wish" list ... she is on it since I want to work with her again. Hopefully I did not scare her off...I do that sometimes...LOL

Okay here are some images :)

Please note...
The theme is choosen usually by the model unless Nancy or I have something specific in mind...

Indian Princess Team:
Model: Thao N
Photographer : Nancy Wishard
Makeup by yours Truly
Hair...even if you do not see it in this set: Amanda Witherspoon

Thao asked Nancy if she could send one of the images to a photoshop wizard (later we found out...all the way in ROME!!) Location is not the important...I just tough it was cute that the Wizard was in Italy (I'm half Italian) The Beauty of the Internet!

NOTE to Models:
If you agree to a TFP; know that you still have to ask the photographer if you can have someone else work/retouch/photoshop the images. I know this has been the source of many debates in the modeling network sited "who owns the copyright?", " what can be photoshoped and what can't" etc. I suggest approaching a TFP like a partnership, you would not do anything behind your partner's back and would not want your partner to do anything behind your back... Permission to "retouch" is especially important in a major manipulation.
Why? Well it's all about Model Usage Licenses
And here is the result:

Photoshop Wizard: A3rd Vision

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