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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Makeup and Accessories

As a Makeup Artist I am often asked to help out during the shoot...

Fix a hair here, a strap there, hold a light/shade or camera, make the model laugh, prevent the model from dying of thirst by providing a straw for her/him to drink from, and adjusting or enhancing wardrobe ...some would say that this should be the job of the stylist, but if someone asks me to pick a piece of jewelry for the shoot I would not say no...that would be silly and not very professional.

After so many "I do not have any, sorry" I got tired of feeling unprepared!

So aside from an emergency nail kit (no, I am not a manicurist), hairspray, brushes and curler (I am not a hairstylist) I also carry some "decorations" for the model to wear, just a small baggy with some decorations that can be used during a shoot.

Decoration Kit Must have:
  • Some pieces of Fabrics (this is especially useful for nude shoot)
  • a pair Scissors
  • a box of Safety pins
  • a few "fake" flowers
  • A variety of Jewelry (not the expensive stuff your grandma gave you...unless you want to)
I always have an idea of what the shoot would be like: natural, fantasy/creative, fashion, wedding, body paint etc. Knowing what the shoot will be like helps me prepare the decoration baggy or and at time custom make some of the accessories.

One of my favorite spots for jewelry is Johanna Gatdula Designs, here I can have custom made pieces, re-enhance old pieces, buy new styles, and all without breaking my bank!

So there I am now prepared for anything!!!



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