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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


One of my favorite Eyeshadows is the mineral eye shadow palette from Nixie
Pigmentation on these Eyeshadows is amazing. Long lasting, smooth texture with a light feel and in so many bight colors, that fade evenly but still maintain a nice amount for color at the end of the day (do not forget to remover your makeup at night otherwise you will find traces of eye shadow on you pillow case). The colors blend well with each other no smudging or creasing with or without primer.

They have a great palette system all the colors (blushes and shadows) are the same size so palettes are interchangable and easily replaces. The eyeshadow comes in a small (3.5 grams) pan that can be purchased at the Nixie Cosmetic Website. Shadows are available in 4 finishes (matte, matte/suede, suede and ultra-suede) and available in a variety of shades for $15 a piece.

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