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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nixie Silky Blush Illumination

Little Secret Ingredient…

In my kit there are several items I can not do without.
One of them is the Nixie Silky Blush: Illumination.

The Nixie Silky Blush comes in 2 consistencies, cream and powder, and a large color spectrum and two finishes, Shimmery and Matte. I personally prefer the powder, but the cream is good to. This Illuminating Blush has the perfect balance of soft coverage and luminous color. The powder delivers an easy and even application that looks natural and is long lasting.

I apply Nixie Silky Blush Illumination on the cheek bones and temples right above the usual blush line, or under the blush to give it a more luscious look.
Nixie Silky Blush comes in a convenient single container or in a small (3.5 grams) pan that can be added to a Nixie 6 Well Pro Palette.

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