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Friday, September 18, 2009

MM Concept shot of the Day Winner

Model Mayhem is probably The busiest Modeling Site right now, many new ones are emerging and starting to take up more territory...but so far Mayhem Rules.
Because it is such a busy site Winning a Contest is truly a matter of talent, and not how many friends you have. So here is one of my pride and joy!
Concept: "Liquids"
Concept shot of the day winner 9-18-09

Photographer for what I call "The Hunk Shoot" was Nancy Wishard
Fabulous Model and Personal Trainer CAZZ
Yours Truly ME did the makeup and Body Paint
And let's not forget the Fabulous John Wishard for setting up the lights, background and of course the Snacks!
More images of The Hunk Shoot!

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