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Friday, November 6, 2009

Black and Gold

Art…The Perfect Image…

What is the Perfect Image? How can it be achieved?
Well in my world where beauty and lights have a value of their own and The Perfect Image can be Priceless!! One needs to really sit down to do their homework!
There is a thin line between Great and Weird, Sexy and Trashy...Perfect and almost There...
Several factors are to be considered to achieve the Perfect image…
The photographer, the model, the stylist, and the honest and true conviction that this can be accomplished.
The photographer with his/her skill; from choosing a background, setting up the perfect light and mood, to the post drooling processing work.
The model and the knowledge of her/his own body and how to convey emotions and bring life into the image.
The Stylist, whether a Makeup Artist, Body Painter, Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Designer, their knowledge of their craft and ability to express it on the model. I believe they are the glue brings it all together; a good Stylist can make or Break a shoot.

A great Image is the sum of all its parts, of the team working together to achieve Perfection.
I had a few, I think, in my vain little world…but I plan to have more J

A few weeks ago I set up a photo shoot… with the goal to reproduce my paining of “doodle” on models… that will then be shown in a gallery.
So I set myself up with…the best photographer I could find/know/beg, a beautiful and expressive Model with the prefect body for my art...and no art I wanted to paint on her! I even had the photographer agree to play assistant for the base paint!!!
I paint and scribble all day and had nothing that was exiting enough to reproduce…until something hit me…some thing black and gold….and 45 minutes later on the night before the shoot I created my inspiration....

Original done on hard canvas and acrylics.

More Art by Naiyana

The Perfect Image!

Photographer John Wishard

Model is the Beautiful Elise Rebekah

Body Paint and Art on Canvas By Your Truly

Body Paint Assistant John Wishard Makeup...I know he does it all!!!


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