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Saturday, November 7, 2009

MM Picture of the Day +18

Winner of the Model Mayhem Picture of the Day + 18 for Nov. 6Th 2009!
Black and Gold

Model Mayhem has been holding contests for years (...or at least since it has been in business ... that I believe was sometimes in 05...) and every day there are several popular contests running; a Picture of the Day and a Picture of the Day + 18, and Concept Shot of the Day (that I won thanks to Nancy Wishard)

Every day a different a winner is chosen by the member of Mayhem...we all got the right to vote!! Hundreds of images compete every day to earn the privilege and bragging right that come with the badge!!

For the Nov 6Th Picture of the Day +18 Contest I submitted an image...there were 111 Entries, and Black and Gold won by receiving 64 Votes, the next runner up had 49 votes… so I won by...15 Votes!!!

Of course the Credit is not all mine, I was lucky enough to work with some wonderful and super patient individuals (the body paint took 5 hours to complete ... ask Elise her back was killing her…but you can not tell that from the images!!), John Wishard (photographer and Mua Extraordinaire) and Elise Rebekah (Wonderful Model)

And of course thank you all for your votes and support!


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