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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tips and Tricks

The law of Foundation…

1. Foundation should be blended below the jaw line!
Many women stop applying foundation to soon creating “the mask look”
They just don't seem to catch this mistake even though they are looking in the mirror when applying their makeup! We all have seen the images of women/girls whit faces that appear paler or brighter than the rest of them!

2. Foundation needs to match your Skin color!
One of the most important rules… you need to pick a foundation color that closely matches your skin color. Not your hands, or your best friend face or the color of the tan you just got. Match the foundation by testing the color in between your Jaw line and your ear.
3. Use a sponge or brush to apply foundation; this will go a long way in helping to blend your foundation line. Wetting the sponge before application will help lighten the foundation feel and using a brush will help minimize foundation streaks.
Apply foundation all the way up to the hair line into the ears and down below the jaw line on the neck to avoid the mask. This of course does not apply to the Geisha look.

Remember that Makeup absorbs light, if you do not apply foundation correctly you will come off having patches or a mask, and if you will be participating in a photoshoot…please avoid Mineral Makeup (this is great for your everyday) but in a photoshot situation the minerals will sparkle…and not in a good way.

Again this is my opinion and what worked for me.


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