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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Jester according to Nancy Whishard

The Jester

A different version of the same body paint "The Jester", that was Created some time ago...geez last year!!
This version was the artistic creation of Nancy Wishard, the softer side of the Wishard Team if you ask me.
The Fab Team for this Adventure was probably one of the most dynamic thus far. Nancy Wishard and her Amazing Photoshop Skillz, some wicked tea cups and a wardrobe to make any pro-stylist drool over!!! Elise is just one of the most Stunning Creatures on Earth, Amy Lynn is a talented and Fab Mua with an eye for detail and super steady hand, and John Wishard...John is John the owner of 2 Fubies and Uber Geek Extraordinaire!!!
Till the next one...

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