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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Makeup Forgever Glitters

Holidays are pretty much here!!Thanksgiving is over we just have 3 weeks left…or so to buy presents for others…and ourselves!! So little time and so much to do!!! Christmas and New Year are the Sparkly and Glittery Holidays! So I decided to treat myself with one of the best out there!!! Christmas would not be Christmas without glitter!

In my search I found Glitter by MUFE (Makeup Forever)... these are lightweight, fine particles of bright light that add glamour to any type/styles of makeup! And can be used on the face and body...they are also super safe to use on Children (Please use discretion on this...I would not use it on anyone under 8)

How to use it…Or here is how I use it…
On lips:
Sprinkle onto lip gloss in the evening to emphasize lip volume, give it an extra humph!
On Body and Hair: To make glitter adhere to the body or hair, first spray these areas with water, then place a small amount glitter in the palm of your hand and gently blow onto the dampened areas, for a pro sprinkling it like salt would work best…last thing you want to do is blow on a model/bride/client…on the body lotion can also be used...apply lotion and than sprinkle glitter on still moist skin.
On Eyes: I tried it several ways…
1. Just simply apply on eyelid this gave me a very light look.
2. Using a wet brush…I dampen my lids and then applied the glitter, this gave me a better and longer lasting look, with more color.
3. The application I liked the best is the one where I applied the Mac Crème or Urban Decay Primer under it … this was FABULOUS!!! The Base gave the glitter enough moisture to stay on all night.
4. I dab some onto a mascara brush post-dipping and spread it over my lashes

Keep in mind:
Clearly, this is a loose glitter with no adhesive therefore I'd suggest applying some before putting this on.
A little bit goes a long way.
Glitter is still relatively easy to take off with just soap and water.

On a warning note:

I overheard that this Glitter is pretty much like the glitter you buy from an arts and craft store...
Well here is my say in the matter….
Craft glitter is not the same as cosmetic glitter!!!
It can be extremely damaging to the body if used instead of products that are face and body approved.

Research has found cases of severe eye and skin irritation from non-cosmetic grade glitter due to the glitter penetrating the skin or scratching the surface of the eye. In most cases the Craft Glitter is made from cheap metal, and is meant to be used on inanimate objects!

And for those of you that care for photographs...Craft Glitter photographs terribly since it reflects too much light!!!


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