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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Jester by John

Another great day in the company of great people doing another fantastic piece of art.

This body paint had my hamsters work really hard for their keep, by the end they were sweating...OK not sure if hamsters can sweat but you get my point....

The original idea was simple...black and pink. Barbie colors. The original canvas was divided into 2 base colors, my detail work would spread from one side the other and switch color from black to pink whether on the pink or black base...

My Curvy detail lines would give out a sensual womanly feel since my model was Elise, beautiful Tall, statuesque Elise. Elise that can make my art dance and come alive!

SIMPLE....until the pink would not, for the life of me, stick to the black...

Then everything went bad...my hamster started running and causing smoke to come out of my ears....John was frantically trying to appease the Vampire Hamster Gods by offering cigarettes, liquorice, Coca Cola, water or anything else withing his reach, Amy was diligently applying more paint in an even streak and covering up all the little spills that my frustrated hand was creating...Chaos was breaking loose in the Wishard Studio and no one could stop it!!!

Then the ever so calm Nancy says "why not just spay her?" ....


All the hamsters came to a complete halt and a piece a liquorice got stuck in my trough!

A tree fell in the forest and a planet died in the sky...but yes...that was it...why was I breaking my head and killing my hamster-subjects trying to archive something that was not possible with my current tools...and all along the solution was right there...

So with Nancy lightning strike and John spay bottle skills, AmyLynn Steady hand and Hair skills...the hamsters survived another day... and created ART!!!

Photography by John Wishard (and of course Mua Extraordinaire)
Model Elise Rebekah
Assistant Mua and Hair Specialist AmyLynn
Genius Idea by Nancy Wishard


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