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Friday, January 8, 2010

24 hours from Show Time

The count down begins... the "to do list" is almost done, just a few last minute details to ensure a successful outcome and then ... then what?
Then I just wait, with the hope and all the dreams of a 14 years old.

Tomorrow...Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for ... 16 years ...

From that day in the kitchen trying desperately to explain to my mother why I should to go to art school and not language school, from the cold and almost emotionless answer "no, there is no money, no future in art", to the inevitable tears and broken heart that resulted from her logical reply and the dead run down the corridor and up the stairs to my room.

Now it's here ... the day my work, 4 of my Creations, will be displayed in a public gallery for all to see. It's a scary and exiting feeling, one that I want to share with all my loved ones and people I like, but at the same time so fearful of their reactions...what if they do not like it?

What then?

Nail appointment in the morning, 2 bottles of wine to buy, one more print to make, and just be there at the gallery at 5:30 pm...sounds easy.

I wounder if it will really be that easy...

Wish me luck...


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