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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fragments of the Art Show at the Escondido Municipal Gallery on Jan, 9th 2010

My Artist biography...
For all to see ... or for all those who wanted to see it ...

Roberta Naiyana Merino is an Artist, Makeup Artist, Body Painter, Henna Designer, Writer, and sometimes is referred to by those who know her well as a model in retirement. Born to an Italian father and Thai mother, Roberta was raised in a multicultural environment and was blessed to live throughout the world in places like Italy, Algeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Las Vegas and most recently San Diego, California.

Inspired by her mother an artist and art collector herself, Roberta’s love and passion for color and patterns began at a very early age. This love was then shared with the introduction of makeup during her teenage years when Roberta, a then inspiring international model, attended a school for modeling in the U.S. Her training in the arts comes from drawing and art history classes taken both in the U.S. and abroad in Europe, hours of Henna applications and design in Kenya, and countless hours working with some of the top Makeup Artists and Body Painters in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Roberta is considered one of Southern California’s Premier Body Painters and Makeup Artists. Her skills have won her numerous awards and acknowledgments from her peers and industry professionals. She is now working on a project inspired by her beloved husband entitled “From Canvas to Body: A Doodling Experience from the Patterns in my World”.

More information on Roberta’s work and adventures can be found on her blog www.naiyanatheartist.blogpsot.com.

Again I wonder at times, why do we torture ourselves in writing things like this...does it really make a difference to you?
Can it really make or break one's life/career/evening/or simple enjoyment in life?
One has to wonder...


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