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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fragments of the Art Show...Chosing Images...

How hard is it to chose the perfect images to convey all the passion, the love, the dedication, and the pain I put in my craft? How can I, with just 4 images, convey to all how much this all means to me? or what all this matters...well the funny part is...I'm a Libra...Libras have a hard time choosing...ask any Libras to chose and you send them in a tail spin...ask the hamsters...they know.

Signature Image and the only Image that I knew from the moment it was snapped that it was the one image I had set in stone...

I fell in love with this image before it even left the camera, John showed it to me after taking it, and my mind did a slip. This is it!!

The rest of the images where chosen later... with a more strategic and less emotional mind, and with the help of my husband and suggestions of others, chosen to portray different aspects of my art.

The Empress

Nature's Reflection

The Jester


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