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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mehron's Paradise Makeup Detaiz

My new Addiction!!!!

Body Paint is one of my new addictions!! I have been preparing for a Gallery Show in January...where I will be hanging some of my body paint-canvas paining high breeds ... so I have been doing some research on some of the best body paint products out there...
My results well...there are sooo many but here is my new passion-addiction-time consumed doing stuff that others do not understand…Ok I got a few…like reading, paining, scribbling, sleeping, being overall lazy lol!!!

Detailz is one of the fantastic products in Mehron’s water base makeup line. Created to tickle the fancy of all makeup artists and body painters! Detaliz comes in a variety of colors, a convenient screw top, a build in applicator/brush and it washes off with soap and water! so no permanent mark...at least not on the body and face. It is a surprisingly flexible product that can be used as an every day eyeliner to fantastic and intricate body painting. Detailz liquid makeup can be used to create perfect dots, spots and fine lines, highly detailed and intricate patterns and unique artistic creations.

Easy to use and super flexible, this is a must for any body painter or Creative/Fantasy Makeup Artist.
I am slowly adding to my collections, started with the basic, black and white I now have gold, red, blue, yellow and purple…soon I will have them all!!! The can definitively add that extra touch in a designe and the tip is so fine that intricate and detailed work is a piece of cake to do!

Delailz can be purchased online at the Mehron’s website or if you live in San Diego, like I do, I suggest you stop by Gypsy Treasures in La Mesa. The have the best selection for Creative Makeup and Body Paint in San Diego County!!

Prize range form $4 to $8.50...cheaper than some most eyeliners out there!!

Ok got to go


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