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Friday, October 23, 2009

Green and Yellow

There is time for "doodling"...and some more time for "doodling". Even since the decision (thanks to the hubby) was made that I was going to re-create my “doodles” on the body, I have been strategizing on how to achieve the best possible outcome!

Green and Yellow...

My second "from Canvas to Body" piece! ...and being only the second piece I did have a lot to learn… and so my list of “rules” continues…

This is the piece that solidified the belief that a controlled environment is necessary to really emphasize and appreciate the beauty of my body-paint…and the one where I learned that, for this particular project, a full nude model is preferred due to the post-processing work required to make the image look smooth and line-less…

Overall result…Wonderful, I loved every minute of it!

My team for this project was:

Larry Nixon ... photographer/friend/super patient person (...I can be a handful) and the cause of all the bunny pictures I have on my flikr!

AmyLynn ... Super Sweet and Super Talented Makeup Artist! She was not only super helpful with the base paint; she was the Genius behind the hair and face makeup (aside from the doodles)

And the Fabulous Audrey Vanessa ... the ultimate in professionalism and commitment! Vanessa had emergency appendicitis surgery a few days prior to the shoot!! And declined to reschedule since we planned this shoot over a month earlier! I have to say that I was truly impressed...and a bit scared...and a bit shocked! Vanessa rocked the shoot and gave us some amazing images!


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