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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

T. LeClerc Loose Powder!!!

Loose powder…Ever wandered which is the perrrrrfect powder?One that is so amazingly fine and light based on pure rice starch providing a matte finish and visibly smoothing lines…

Well I have found the perfect powder!!! Ok I did not find it… my husband gave me a gift certificate at Alexander Perfumes & Cosmetics…and that is where I discovered T. LeClerc Loose Powder!

T. LeClerc Loose Powder has the properties to master light and hide flaws while enhancing the complexion, it can also protects against negative effects of the sun and is generally well-tolerated even by sensitive skin types!! I have become addicted to it!!! Over foundation or on a bright summer day…over lotion!I apply it with a velour puff or powder brush. The puff when I do not wear foundation and the brush with foundation. I add a tab bit more under the eyes so to cover little imperfections and give me an extra humph.

The powders come in a 35g hand-sealed silver metal tin, and 16 different shades. There are travel sizes (7g in travel sized tin) for some of the shades as well. It’s on the high end of the cost…$50, but I have purchased mine over a year ago and will, I still have 1/3 left… I also place a small amount in a smaller powder container for my travel kit/retouch kit, mostly travel since I rarely need to “power my nose” during the day. I do suggest to transfer the powder in a different container if you need to travel…unfortunately the metal tin the powder comes in looks very pretty but it’s a total pain in the butt!!!
Otherwise I love this thing!!!


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