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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Todd Homme from Blush

I normally do not watch TV...OK I do watch TV, I just turn it off if there is nothing good on. I do not channel serf for hours with the hope that something good will magically appear. I particularly dislike having a date/appointment with my television....that is why I record or wait till the DVD comes out at Hollywood Videos!!!

But once in a while the Magic does happen!! And that was "Blush :The Search for the Next Great Make-Up Artist" that aired on Lifetime for the past few weeks.
The Show was AMAZING!!! I learned sooooo much!
I recorded almost all of it....I think I am missing only one episode...

Sooo much Talent in on Show!
And for this reason I have to say I am sooo sad for the passing of Todd Homme, one of the finalist in the show.
A beautiful and Extremely Talented Artist with a Contagious Smile and a Positive and Light Heated View of Life.
My thought and prayer are with Todd's family and loved ones.

Go Paint The Beautiful Angels Todd!

The world has lost a great Talent :(

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