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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hair Magic and Me

Makeup is my passion...hair is my nightmare...I can not do hair to save my life!!

OK I can do very very little with hair, and it's very very basic...most of the times I just tie it in a bun and put paint. My luckier models get my friend and partner in crime Amanda...she can do hair-magic!!!

Anyhow like many makeup artists I would like to become more comfortable in working with hair, know more than the basics, and perhaps increase my job opportunities., etc...but where to start?

California does not require a Makeup Artist to be a licensed/certified Esthetician or Cosmetologist. One can be a Makeup Artist by just doing makeup and owning your own kit...I do not agree with that I think that the basic Hygiene, Sanitation and Makeup 101 is essential if not a must in my mind, one can not be to careful, how to get these...Well that is a different story!

But because there is not "licencing" requirements it does not man that a MUA should not know the basics. I believe that since I was able to learn makeup I could, eventually, one day, hopefully in the future...learn some basic hair.

So what is the plan?
I have various Options...
1. kidnap Amanda and force her to teach me
2. take a class at the community college
3. buy books on hair
4. Watch as many YouTube tutorial till I drop
5. Experiment on my own hair

Come to think of it a combination might be more appropriate...

OK I can woo Amanda into teaching me or threaten to paint her again...I can get some books and watch some tutorial and if all else fail I will take a class (I'm not big in school at this time in my life, even tho this would probably the most reliable and safe bet)


On that note let me show you some inspiration Hair Styles...Maybe in my next life I will be able to create some of these...

Andreas-H & Toni Kalin

Adam Livermore & Steve Rego

Kimmi Le & Noogiestyles

PS. Images are from ModelMayhem Members :)



  1. Such beautiful hair pics! Looks like real art!

  2. "Makeup is my passion...hair is my nightmare..."
    hahaha, I like this line, my hair has its own life and doesn't want to follow me everytime I style it that's why I end up cutting it short=(

    "kidnap Amanda and force her to teach me" hahaha,I can't help myself not to laugh with these option of yours, very cute option *wink* anyhow, with your determination, I know that you can make it girl=),goodluck...

  3. Thank you for your support ladies :)
    A girl go to do...what a girl got to do.

  4. I feel the same way about hair. It's just not as interesting to me. I have been thinking about taking a class. The makeup school went to offered a week of very basic hair training.


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