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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Makeup Show LA

Adventures! Adventures!!!

This was a fun one...a bit disappointing on some aspects, but super cool on others..

Let's start from the basics...
The Makeup Show LA is a Trade show for Pro-Makeup Artist.
Location is The California Market Center in LA, approximately 2 hours way from home (with no traffic) The show is for 2 days, so it's still happening today...but I decided to just go yesterday, and save some chips for the IMATS!

My Adventure partners were Amanda, Nancy and John. It's nice to have people you like around especially when the hamsters start running like crazy! And when the 4 of us are together...oh my...one got to really hold on. We are Trouble!!!

The show was great, but mostly Beauty oriented, a whole lot of beauty products, beauty seminars and beauty workshops, so much to do, so much to learn and the inspiration...the magic of being around so many artist...it's magnificent! So much Creativity in one space...but it's all Beauty...no SFX here, no prosthetic made dead body laying around, no blood and no fangs.

I felt highly under dressed...me and my Chasire Cat Sweater, but hey I went there to learn soak in some creativity, get inspiration and replenish products!

The disappointing aspect, aside from the lack of blood, was the lack of Pashur. I was really unhappy when I discovered that he was no were around...well or no were where I could see him!!! so yes I was very very sad, and what irked me is that there was no change noted in the schedule...no signs that the seminar was changed anywhere where I could see...just all of a sudden the speaker starts taking and well it's not Pashur!!

Well the "replacement" speaker was good, and good thing I like him too so no loss on the liking part and since this happened last year too (change of seminar with no notice) I was quite disappointed.

Ok Check out my Pictures...

MAXI found him wondering around...

EnKore and me and his model...I look bad but hey!!!

Amanda...my partner in crime!

Lisa Berczel and her Creation...

Just Too pretty not to take a picture of Makeup

And the best part of this is....John has the Whole Set!!!

Just a note: most of the images were taken using a Camera Phone...so the quality is not as amazing as I hoped...that will teach me to remember my camera next time...
Image or the Disco Ball Body Paint was snapped my Nancy...no matter where I looked I could not find him anymore :(



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