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Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspirational Artist: Nelly Recchia

As an Artist I am always looking for inspiration, always looking to improve and challenge myself, push the limits just a little more, create just a little more, and maybe...just maybe be able to break the box and not just think outside of it...

I was told as a young child that "Sharing is Caring"...
So let me share with you some inspirational work from a fabulous artist!
Here are some images by Nelly Recchia

Facts to know about Nelly Recchia:
1. She is French
2. Multi Award Winner Body Painter
3. Works only with Brushes
4. Her work takes Hours!
5. She worked with Madonna
6. She worked with Marylin Manson
7. She is now in LA and teaches at the Cinema Secret Makeup School

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