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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smooth lips with Emulsion


Things I hate...
dry cracked lips...
Not only they are painful they look awful under lipstick...and not really nice to kiss.
So Solutions solutions...Exfoliate and Keep Moisturize!

So here is one secret...apply Smashbox Exfoliant to clean lips and rub with finger until desired smoothness is achieved, then wipe clean with a tissue. Leave on for 5-10 minutes for extra conditioning. Follow with lip treatment moisturizer (or Chap Stick, or lip balm, or lip lotion preferably with SPF 15 or higher) to protect and heal lips throughout the day.

My lips are always cracking, and worst since I started the process of using invisalign braces (yeah I am vain and wanted my teeth straight) so EMULSION is the perfect solution for me! This is a sugar-based, peppermint-infused lip exfoliant that is packed with vitamins and soothing conditioners to smooth and soften lips, pretty smelling too. Poppy seeds and sugar granules gently exfoliate while cocoa and shea butter, grape seed extract and jojoba deeply nourish. Lips instantly feel soft and kissable!

This is my next best friend after my 100% Natural Botanical Medley Chap Stick!!


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  1. i am so with u...my lips is so not cute right now... great review


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