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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fashion Show Makeup!!

Makeup for “Fashion Whore” Fashion Show

Location: The Bras Rail in San Diego, CA
Miss Alphabeth
Model: Amber Dawn
Photographer: Anthony Munoz

Fashion Whore used to have Amateur Fashion Shows once a month at The Brass Rail in Hillcrest.
The Show would feature new and upcoming designers form all over San Diego County and La County. This was a nice place to get your feet wet in the runway “world”, for all involved.
Runway makeup, or Cat Walk makeup is different form Photography, Movies and Everyday makeup. It is usually heavier, more a-vanguard, it is dependent of the fashion of the time and the designer’s collection, and usually something you would not wear to got to the store or at a coffee shop.
How did I do it:
Base, base , base, I think she has at least 2 laier of base on, heavier makeup on the eyes that compliment the outfit, clear lips to balance things out, and a design inspired by Paisley doen with pencil grenn eyeliner, and eye shodows.

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