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Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Random Things about Me.

So I was Tagged in Facebook...and I am not sure how to tag again, but here is what the deal is:
A friend asked me to write down 25 random Things about me...
So here they are:

1. I am an Artist, I love to paint, that is why I started playing with makeup and body paint.
2. I love to read Vampire Romance Novels, I want to write one of my own…maybe start it this year.
3. I love Computers, so I can say I am a Wanna be Geek.
4. I have a step-baby and he is my little artist/actor and partner in crimes.
5. I love my husbands smile, and that he can cheer me up when I am blue.
6. I am a Buddhist, but not a very good one since I do not practice much.
7. I love my mother and miss her every day. She is now my Guardian Angel so watch out she was Thai!
8. I can be lazy and winy especially when I don’t feel well.
9. I want to see the 7 Wonders of the world…especially the Ancient ones.
10. I love the color purple and black is my second runner up.
11. I dream of one day having my own art gallery.
12. I have a degree in Psychology and not sure how to use it.
13. I love cartoons, foreign movies (especially Indian/Asian), and era movies (like The Dutches, Elizabeth and stuff)
14. I love shoes. Shoes make me happy. I’ll buy shoes before I buy clothes.
15. I have just got my “professional” camera and love taking pictures of flowers.
16. I am a bit of a dark person, I love Halloween and always dress up as a Vampire.
17. I am a smoker, and plan to quit one day, not sure when that day is.
18. I like my friends in small doses, I am a bit of a loner…love my alone time.
19. I have one older sister that lives in England and 2 younger brothers that live in Las Vegas.
20. I would like to have a child of my own, but that is still in the “maybe one day” deal.
21. I believe Disney Land is the Best place on Earth.
22. I love RPG, Kingdom Heats is my favorite game. I can play Strategy Building Games for hours!
23. I do not like working out, I should since I could use to tone up a bit…
24. I hate house work, but I clean like crazy when I am stressed.
25. I one day will own a Mercedes SL 600!!!


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