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Thursday, January 8, 2009

IMATS Los Angeles 2009

“The Show” is Coming!!!
June 20th and 21st!!!

Last year I have discovered the IMATS...OK it did exist before me, bu me as an artist first came to know about this fabulous event last year.

The IMATS Los Angeles 2009!!!
Date: June 20 and 21
Location: The Pasadena Convention Center (located at 300 East Green Street)
Presented by Make-Up Artist magazine (I am a subscriber to)

The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) is the only show of its kind in the world. Last year I have ventured out to Pasadena with a friend (sweet gal but not into makeup)
We floated to the Exhibition Hall several times and watched the competition, took only 2 classes and well had to leave...due to miss-management of time, resources and money!!!!

So here are my tips for this year event:
1. Start Saving Money ($400 is not enough to satisfy my makeup fetish).
2. Go BOTH days....believe me one day is not enough!
3. Book a room or crash at a friend's couch near by. Tell the friend in advance...
4. Bring a friend that is interested in Makeup...or forget it go on your own, you'll make friends there!
5. Buy thickets in advance...saves money and time (lines at the event are HUGE)
6. As soon as it is available research class schedule, and plan to attend in advance
7. Prepare a list of product you are interested in or need to yourself/kit (I bought everything that caught my fancy and nothing I needed!!)
8. Bring Pad and Pen for Classes
9. Wear comfortable shoes/clothes
10. Bring a snack and water...carry a small backpack with it all.

Image from IMATS 2008 Winners on Make-up Artist Magazine.

History of "The Show" (taken form the IMATS Website...)
"During the mid-’90s, there were no trade shows specifically for make-up artists, and cosmetic companies expressed a desire for such an event. Knowing just how much education could be provided, Make-Up Artist publisher Michael Key held the first International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in August 1997. The Show allowed artists to custom-tailor what they wanted to see. It offered a diverse mix of presentations, products, demonstrations, and education by some of the biggest names in the business. Like Make-Up Artist magazine, the Trade Show continues to further Key’s vision to educate and reach make-up artists around the world."

Competitions Themes for this year:
Fantasy/beauty competition theme is Gothic.
The character competition theme, X-Men Mutants,
Guidelines for the competitions are pretty strict so I think I'll just hang out and watch.

Hope to see all you Make-Up Lovers there!
This is going to be sooo much fun!

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