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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ERA® FACE by Classified Cosmetics

Foundation in a can!!!
I have tried several aerosol foundations and I love ERA® FACE by Classified Cosmetics! Said to be “the first and only, internationally patented aerosol makeup foundation”!
ERA® FACE foundation has the incredible coverage and the “no makeup feel”, gives natural flawless feel and airbrush finish is Wear/water resistant, long lasting, easy to use, worth every cent, it’s oil-free and contains a nourishing vitamin and botanical base that’s ideal for all skin types
ERA® FACE comes in a spray bottle it can be applied directly on the face or by spraying a small amount on a sponge, it can be used all over the body, comes in 10 shades and includes disposable ERA® Cosmetic Puff & Head-wrap set.Note: Before using the foundation, make sure that blemishes and under eye circles are covered.

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