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Friday, January 9, 2009

Ori-Janel Aroma Art!

I love telling stories, so here goes…
Prior to my Christmas Vacation my dear friend Janel started a home based business….creating small potpourri sachets…with a very unique personality!

Janel is a Wonderful and Incredible Individual! Beautiful (she is a model) and artistic (She Creates Aromatic Art) !! I love to paint and create but sewing is not my thing, I admire people that can sew… So here she is, creating this little Sachets with a variety of aromas…Lavender, Vanilla, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Jasmine, Green Tea, Warm Sugar Cookies, Linen and Vanilla, and selling them on Etsy! How Entrepreneurial of her! And Now She is Expanding!!

Back to the Sachets...
Small enough to be placed in shoe boxes and drawers, and beautiful enough to leave hanging in any room in plain view! So I contacted her asking if she made custom made ones…the answer was yes, design and aroma can be custom made. That meant that I could have one to match my Makeup Endeavour and that would fit my sense of smell (I am super sensitive to smells/odors). I got exited and decided I will purchase a few for myself as soon as I got back form Vacation!

I went on vacation and came back to find a box on my Kitchen Table (my house/pet sitter put it there)! It felt like Christmas all over again!!! Here I am home with a box I was not expecting! I looove Surprises!

I open the box to find 2 Ori-Janel Creations! I love them!!

One is a Beautiful Custom Made Just for Me "Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Sachet"!
Gorgeous with it's Compact, Powder Buff, Nail Polish and Blush Brush and a pleasant Sandalwood Aroma!!

The 2Nd one is a Beautiful "Flower Inspired Sachet"! This is also flavored with Sandalwood...did I mention I love Sandalwood and its Purifying Properties?
Where to place them now is the issue….they are to beautiful to be hiding in a drawer or closet!!
To Be Continued….

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  1. Thank you for featuring my sister, Janel! I, too, received some of her fabulous sachets for Christmas and am very proud of her new endeavor.
    Have a fabulous day!


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