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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MUFE Hightlight & Contour Kit

The Contouring Kit!!!
As far as I looked there is no better contouring kit out there...and believe me I have looked!

The Make Up For Ever Highlight & Contour Kits come in 4 different sets of tinted pressed powders to shape the face (or body) by contrasting light and shadow.

Each compact contains a dark shade in a unique color to successfully recreate the look of a natural shadow for that skin-tone and the lighter powder brightens, highlights and brings features forward without adding shimmer or gloss.
When subtle, believable sculpting is required, these dynamic duos transforms like no other.
It compact and travel ready format beats having to carry 3 different color powder, and the compact can easily fit in the touch up bag.

Got to have it!

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