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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sephora Makeup Setting Spritz

Summer is coming, and with that all the sweat, oils, and makeup sliding off your face.

The more makeup you put on, the more it will slide, clump up, and leave you looking shiny, greasy and well just a mess! Not a pretty sight, and even worst on your skin.

One of the trick I have learned is to keep a bottle of Sephora Makeup Setting Spritz in my purse, one in my kit and well I might get one to leave in my car. I use the spritz throughout the day or photoshoot to keep the makeup fresh and avoid over shine/ grease, it helps keep everything in place, and the makeup lasts longer…less touch ups!

A Must have if you spend lots of time outdoors or in non air-conditioned environments.

Till the next one J

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